Garrett Callahan

Writer and Reporter

Garrett Callahan has been a freelance writer with Nolo since May 2021. Always curious for new information, he loves finding a good story and backing it up with research and honest data. No matter the subject, he strives to keep his work informative, interesting, and, above all else, accurate.

Background. Garrett has been writing and editing across numerous subject matters, including real estate, history, travel, sports, and general news, since 2012. He has worked full-time as a sports writer since 2016 and has dipped his toes into many new topics in his work as a freelance writer.

Other pursuits. Garrett has a Bachelor of Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook ’em!). He is about to publish his first children’s book, which he wrote and illustrated, based on his hometown on Massachusetts’s North Shore. 

Articles By Garrett Callahan

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