E.A. Gjelten

Legal Editor

E.A. (Liz) Gjelten has been a legal editor at Nolo since 2016. She enjoys using her research, analytical, and writing skills to translate complex legal issues into jargon-free language that’s accessible to lay readers without compromising accuracy.

Legal background. Before coming to Nolo, Liz worked for 12 years as a legal author for Thomson Reuters, writing about new legal developments in family law and workers’ compensation for Westlaw and print publications. She also researched and wrote the annual roundup of new California legislation for a monthly family law journal. Before that, Liz worked for 15 years as an author, legal editor, and managing editor for California Family Law Report, a small legal publishing company.

Working at Nolo. Since 2021, Liz has worked as the legal editor for family law and divorce, drawing on her years of experience researching, writing, and editing in that area. Before that, Liz was a special projects editor, writing articles on a range of topics, including workers’ compensation, civil rights, and animal law.

Other pursuits. Liz has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California at Los Angeles and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. She is a produced playwright and has taught at San Francisco State University and New College of California. She’s also worked as a freelance book editor, journalist, and grant writer.

Articles By E.A. Gjelten

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