Hari Ender


Hari R. Ender is a consumer bankruptcy attorney practicing in Northeast Ohio. She has authored bankruptcy articles on Nolo.com as well as other bankruptcy sites in the Nolo Network. She earned her undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University and her law degree at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Hari practiced bankruptcy law exclusively for several years and in 2011 established her own practice, the office of Hari R. Ender, Esq., Attorney at Law.


Articles By Hari Ender

Child Support Enforcement in Ohio
Both parents have a continuing duty to support their children after a separation or divorce. While most parents have no problem with this obligation, some fall behind on child support or simply stop paying. As a result, many children lose out on the financial support they need to thrive.
Child Support Enforcement in Oklahoma
All parents have a duty to provide support for their children after a separation or divorce. Many parents continue to do so, but some get behind or stop paying child support. As a result, many children miss out on the benefits of receiving the financial support they need. This article will explain how